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Choosing a forex broker.

An important question for any novice trader, is the choice of Forex broker . I will try today to put together, all the tips and recommendations from professional traders, so as not to search you infinitely on the Internet . The main concern when you make a  choice of a Forex broker is the reliability of the turnover of your money. After all,…
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Market maker.

I want to acquaint you with a small and short article-review about the market maker . Who is it, what are their functions and role in modern stock exchanges and forex currency markets . Those who know English at least a little already understand that the market maker literally means the creator of the market. But how can one create a market if it has already been…
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Forex taxes.

So, you have decided to become or have already become a trader, or investors in the foreign exchange market. One of the main questions that you now need to answer yourself is whether you will pay Forex taxes . In fact, the term Forex taxes is conditional, there is still no law in tax legislation to pay taxes on…
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